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Inexpensive Ideas For Valentines Day

Looking for some fun, inexpensive things to do for your significant other OR your kids on Valentine’s Day? Here are just a few food ideas to show someone  you love, just a little EXTRA love on February 14th. Most of these, you don’t need any extra ingredients from the store — just your regular everyday groceries. So go ahead, get yourself a heart cookie cutter and go to town!

1. Heart shaped bacon – place bacon in a heart shape on a pan, and bake in the oven at 400 degrees until crisp.


2. Heart shaped toast to go with your bacon.


3. Rice Crispy Treats!


4. Hear shaped cookies are a MUST on Valentine’s Day!


5. Adorable cupid arrows made out of fruit.


6. Veggies cut and sliced to be shaped like hearts to dress up your salad.


7. Classic heart shaped pancakes!


We hope you have a heart-felt, fun & loving day with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day this year.

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