Chesterfield, Virginia Real Estate and Community Information

Chesterfield County Virginia is the 3rd most populous county in Virginia where it is home to over 315,000 residents as of the 2010 census. Located on the east-central portion of the state, this county is rich in history dating back to the first English settlers in the late 1600s. The county itself offers residents historical landmarks including original homes that have been restored and community buildings that have stood the test of time. Additionally, the children of the county are well educated through a school system that cares for the well-being and education of all students. The parks system ensures that everyone in town is active and has something that they enjoy throughout the county system. Contact VILLAGE CONCEPTS REALTY GROUP today through their phone or email and they will help you find the right place to live in this historic county.

From England to Now

Jamestown was one of the first settlements that came about when the first settlers came to America. It did not take long for Jamestown to become quite full leaving some other settlers to explore other areas. Sir Thomas Dale was the first to discover the place for a progressive development he called “Henricus.” He wrote of this town as a perfect place that was located about 80 miles up the river from Jamestown. 1619 was a big year for the new colony as this was the year that many buildings, businesses, homes and churches were erected and the town was formed. It was over 100 years later in 1749 that the county of Chesterfield was separated from the county of Henricus and finally became a county of its own.

Throughout the years, Chesterfield Virginia has withstood many tribulations including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War but what was seen as a trial at the time has brought many historical features to the county; some that are still there today. Everyone who lives in Chesterfield enjoy all of the rich history that this county has to offer.


The economy in Chesterfield County today is a thriving one. There are many very successful corporations who have chosen this county to house their headquarters or distribution centers. Some of these companies include Amazon, who has their Internet fulfillment center that employs over 1,000 employees; DuPont manufacturing who has over 2500 employees; Kroger provides jobs for over 1900 residents. These are just a few of the corporations that offer employment to many residents, this does not include the retail stores, healthcare or hospitality industries that are also prevalent in the county. It is safe to say that when you live in Chesterfield, you can enjoy an economy that is thriving in many areas, not just one.


The Chesterfield Public School System offers an educational system that is progressive and ready to fulfill the needs of each individual student. The GoOpen project is a new initiative that few schools nationwide have participated in. The Chesterfield Schools have become ambassadors in the program; leading the way and helping other schools in the area start their own program. This program takes away the traditional textbooks and opens opportunities for students to learn through more non-traditional outlets.

Parks and Recreation in the County of Chesterfield

While the parks and recreation department in the county offers a vast variety of parks as well as recreation options, the department is continuing to expand the parks located throughout the county while giving the existing parks make-overs to help keep them beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Currently, there are 21 developed parks and 8 undeveloped parks which you must have reservations to visit, located throughout the county. In addition, there are also conservation annexes throughout the county that provide a safe haven for wildlife and a place for visitors to see the wildlife without disturbing the animals.

The sports portion of the parks department handles all types of sports, clinics and camps for participants of all ages, youth and adult. They also provide instruction, coaching and programs that are designed to help participants learn about the sports they are interested in as well as how to have good sportsmanship on and off the field. The department also offers fitness activities for residents who are 50 years old and up so that no matter what your age, you can still have an active lifestyle and enjoy all that Chesterfield has to offer. If you want more information on the parks and rec department, check out their website here.

Chesterfield County is a one-of-a-kind place to live. You will enjoy the scenery that can only be found with beautifully landscaped areas along with the historical buildings of the past that have been preserved for all to continue to enjoy. If a community rich in history and filled with nature and opportunity is what you have been looking for, then look no further than the County of Chesterfield in east-central Virginia. Contact VILLIAGE CONCEPTS REALTY GROUP today so they can help you start your new life in your new home and new county with all types of new possibilities.

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