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Eco Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Green alternatives can help you save money, are better for your health, and benefit the environment. If you are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, try out some of these eco friendly home improvement ideas!

  1. Use Low Voc Paints

Low Voc Paints have reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds meaning they don’t put off as much gas as your typical paint. Practically odorless, 100% acrylic and splatter proof, Low Voc Paints are a great earth friendly option. A few brands that carry these include Benjamin Moore, Behr, Farrow & Ball, and Para.

  1. Rotate Your Décor Pieces

Tired of staring at that dining room chandelier? Move it into your office! A great way to freshen up your space is to circulate items throughout your home. Rotate pillows, light fixtures, and rugs to switch things up!

  1. Paint Is Your BFF

Cabinets need a facelift? Paint them! Purchase your favorite color of that Low Voc Paint mentioned earlier for a brand-new look. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your cabinets or other furniture pieces.

  1. Rubber Mulch

Made from 100 percent recycled tires, rubber mulch is perfect for your next landscaping project. It is great for playgrounds, prevents weeds, and does not attract insects. It is also heavy enough that it won’t blow away and it won’t absorb moisture from the soil. Keep in mind that rubber mulch is not recommended for veggie gardens.

  1. Synthetic Grass

Maintenance free – no water required! The color won’t fade and will look great all year long. The perfect low maintenance option for those who don’t have the time or patience to work on their lawn.

  1. Switch Up Your Lighting

Make the switch to LED lighting. They last 10 times longer than fluorescent lights and are the most efficient option available. Take it a step further and have dimmer switches installed to conserve energy by only using the amount of light that you need.

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