SOLD!  Selling your home is a very exciting time. Here are just a few helpful reminders during a typically busy time:

  1. Keep all documentation. All of your important real estate documents should be kept in a safe, easily accessed location. The paperwork includes seller disclosures, purchase agreement and closing statement.
  2. Clean the house. Although the house needs to be “broom cleaned” a good general rule of thumb is to leave the home the way you would like to find it if you were the buyer.
  3. Shut off the water valves. Even the smallest of drips could cause considerable damage. Be sure to leave a note behind for the buyer so they don’t think there is a plumbing issue.
  4. Cancel your insurance policy. Wait until the title has been recorded before you contact your insurance agent.
  5. Cancel or transfer utilities and services. Make the appropriate arrangements for the following utilities and services: Electric, gas, water, cable, phone and newspaper.
  6. Leave keys and remotes. It’s very important to leave all keys and remotes. Remember to include door keys, gate keys, mailbox key, pool key, garage remote and ceiling fan remote. DON’T FORGET THE SECURITY ALARM CODE.
  7. Leave manuals. It would be very helpful to the new owner to have the manuals, warranties and receipts. If you find them while you are packing up, leave the information for the appliances, HVAC, water system, sprinkler, generator and any other equipment.
  8. Contractor names. Leaving a list of names and numbers of the contractors who have worked on the home is very appreciated by the new home owners. Some contractors to consider are roofer, electrician, plumber, landscaper and painter.