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2021 Design Trends

With a month left before school starts, it would be a great time to spruce up your space. Whether you are looking for a long term upgrade or something easily undone, here are some suggestions based on current home decorating trends.

  1. Swap out basic tiles for ceramic tiles. Backsplashes such as subway tile with a very uniform, basic, and clean look seem to be losing their appeal. The new trend for kitchen tile is to swap it for rustic ceramics that add a colorful and fun element to space.
  2. Wicker/Rattan furniture seems to be making a comeback due to its bohemian and simple aesthetic. It is easy to style with any space and any color palette. This furniture is also very lightweight and works in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  3. We are absolutely in love with removable wall paper. With such a wide array of patterns and colors, removable wallpaper can fit into any space. The peel and stick background make it easily removable. But be warned that like with regular wall paper, a complex pattern makes installation more difficult. Get creative – don’t just use it on your walls! Adding it to inexpensive furniture can bring new life to it!
  4. Bring nature back to the home. Basic colors such as beige, shades of green, and wooden furniture are coming back along with edible gardens as well as lots of other greenery within the home.  Plants have such healthful benefits in addition to being beautiful. They purify the air, assist in immunity, boost workplace performance, improve your IQ and promote healing.
  5. Post-COVID upgrades are being seen more and more often as we reach the end of the pandemic. Many are looking for ways to make their homes healthier and safer with design options such as touch-free faucets and non-porous quartz.
  6. Another design element affected by COVID is backdoor space. With people being confined to their own homes and back yards, there was a push to turn the backyard into another living space. This can be done with pergolas, outdoor fire pits, outdoor furniture, lighting, and many more.

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