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New Kent County Real Estate

Welcome to New Kent County, one of the oldest and picturesque counties in Virginia.  New Kent County is home to approximately 18,600 people, and iscomprised of about 212 square miles. It is located in the Virginia Coastal
Plain, between the Richmond Metro Area and the Hampton Roads Metro
Area, and has been termed a “gateway to the peninsula.” It is bounded by
the Pamunkey and York Rivers to the north & east, and the Chickahominy
River to the south & west. The counties of Hanover, King William, King and
Queen, James City, Charles City, and Henrico all surround New Kent County.
Regionally, New Kent County is part of the Richmond Regional Planning
District and the Richmond—Petersburg Metropolitan Statistical Area.
However, it is significant to note that New Kent County has economic ties to
both the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas.*

*Information taken from the New Kent County Website.  To see full 2010 census info, please visit their site at

Rivers, Golf and Wineries… Oh My!

New Kent County is home to three premier golf courses (Brickshire, Brookwoods, and Viniterra), three wineries (Gauthier Vineyard, New Kent Winery, and Saudé Creek Vineyards) and three rivers (The York River, The Chickahominy River, and The Pamunkey River)!   With so many gorgeous amenities, its 26 mile commute to Richmond or its 26 mile commute to Williamsburg, makes New Kent a popular home buying location.