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    Village Concepts Realty Group is a vibrant, collaborative, team-centric environment.  As a boutique, independent brokerage, we promote a strong mentoring atmosphere with more experienced agents supporting those newer in the industry.  Our non-competing broker is consistently offering training opportunities as well as daily in office support.

    Why Choose Village Concepts Realty Group?

      • State of the art CRM / lead generation system:    Village Concepts Realty Group utilizes a world-class lead generation and CRM technology that work hand in hand to promote our agents while creating a seamless search experience for our clients.  Our platform generates leads, organizes contacts, facilitates follow up and creates marketing content in order to take the grunt work off of our agents.
      • Social Media Marketing Support:  With approximately 250 million social media users in the USA, the importance of social media is massive.  At Village Concepts Realty Group, you will never be at a loss on what to post on social media.  Our Full Time Marketing support will manage your social media accounts creating industry and agent specific content.
      • Agent Website:  Each agent is provided a self branded website and website support.   We want you as an individual to stand out and be successful.
      • Print Marketing Assistance:  Even though Village Concepts Realty Group stays on top of all tech trends, we do understand that there is a certain demographic that responds well to print marketing.   Our Marketing Support collaborates with agents to create fact sheets, brochures, postcards etc.
      • Full time office support is available to assist with marketing and administrative responsibilities.  Village Concepts Realty Group understands that our agents time is best served doing what they do best – working with clients.  We provide opportunities to achieve just that.
      • Training and re-training programs are available year round for those new to the industry or those that just need a few reminder.  Our non-competing broker is always available for support, guidance or questions.
      • Our tight-knit family of agents include several seasoned, very experienced agents that are always open to help, offer advice, support or partnership on transactions.
      • Monthly sales and training meetings
      • Low monthly flat fee
      • Competitive Commission Split based on volume.
      • Village Concepts Realty Group Referral Company – Have your license but not ready to jump into the real estate industry?  Hany your license and make up to 25% once the transaction closes

    Interested in joining the Village Concepts Realty Group team?  Call Broker Tracey McClung at 804.389.4300 or email