Village Concepts Realty Group understands that making your property look “its Sunday best” is vital to showing your home to its fullest potential. That’s why a staging division is part of their in-house services. Designer Carol Pryor is available to stage your space with appointment pieces and accessories to really make your home shine.

Carol has several goals in mind when staging your home with ever changing inventory:
1. Make your home stand out in pictures. Carol works closely with professional photographers to create an atmosphere complimentary to photographs.
2. Allow potential home buyers to envision themselves in your house. Often times depersonalizing and neutralizing a space allows other to imagine their belongings in the home, creating an emotional attachment to the home leading to a sale. This depersonalizing also allows home owners a jump on packing for when their home sells.
3. Maintain your home’s “personality.” Carol understands that your home is still your sanctuary, especially during a stressful transition period and works with clients’ existing decor.

Please let your Village Concepts Realty Group Realtor know if you are interested in Carol staging your home.

In addition, Village Concepts Realty Group strongly believes in helping home owners beyond the “signature on the contract.” One of the many ways they create a smooth transition into a new home is to offer Carol’s design expertise up to and even after the closing. Picking out design elements during new construction can be overwhelming and a second opinion may be just what you need. Perhaps you just need help adding a few new pieces to make your existing decor stand out. Carol has the natural talent and eye for design to create a beautiful environment for you. Again, please let your real estate agent know if you are interested in a consultation with Carol.